Sunday, March 13, 2011

Planning a 20 Year Class Reunion

During my 10 Year Class Reunion back in 2001, I was asked by our Class Secretary if I would take on the job of planning our next reunion ... I said "yes" without really thinking.

So, here I am, 2011, trying to get things planned for a Class of about 400! I started back in 2008 by adding a group on Facebook to try and start finding all of our classmates. I stayed up late several nights looking up people on Facebook to add them as my "friend" so I could get the word out about our High School Reunion and our Facebook Group "Provo High School 1991 Alumni." Since then, I have managed to find almost 180 people - I LOVE Social Media - sure makes planning a 20 Year Reunion easier! My friend, Kevin Merrell, came on board to help me further this year. The 2 of us now are Co-Chairs and getting ready to start up our Sub-Planning Committees.

So many plans and so many thoughts that I hope will be realized to have an amazing 20 Year Provo High School Class of 1991 Reunion!
One requirement, having the Reunion in Provo - check! The date: Saturday, 30 July 2011 - check! Place to hold Reunion - wish we could do the High School, but because of the class our size, probably not going to happen for a sit down dinner, 2nd location I really wanted was the Restored Brigham Young Academy that is now the Provo Library at Academy Square, but it is booked for our date - so now securing an alternate. Type up the list of all classmates to add to our Blog - Check! Scan all classmates pictures out of our Yearbook - Check! Add onto our Blog about Provo High Couples - Check! Get Yearbook Pictures onto our Blog - almost done - Check!

Future Plans: get Sub-Planning Committees going & reporting back to me or Kevin, Get our Class Picture from the High School, Get a park booked for the Family Pic-Nic, Find Memorabilia from 1991, Find out about and Honor those that are Deceased, Plan time off work and the trip to Utah booked, Find more classmates - still missing about 1/2, and just get details going and done!

It is a fun project to be over - it's also making me put all my High School insecurities aside and really get out there! Besides - the control freak in me is Loving this adventure!

Ways to connect to the Provo High School 1991 Alumni info:
Facebook Group: Provo High School 1991 Alumni

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