Thursday, January 29, 2009

This is who we are!

One Amazing Man

  • Hard Worker: currently works as a Ditch Rider/Mechanic/Welder/etc.
  • Handy-man: can fix or build anything
  • Mechanic: maintains & fixes all of our vehicles
  • Gardener: has a "green thumb" - great garden every year!
  • Protector: Volunteer Fireman (can't resist a man in a uniform)
  • Chef: this boy can Cook! And more than just mac 'n cheese!
  • Professional Meat Cutter: We eat the best cuts of meat!
  • Uncle: the Best 'Tickle Monster' - Great with all kids!
  • Hubby: affectionate & kind - tells me he loves me every day!

One Interesting Woman

  • Worker: currently works as a "Band-Aid" (LOL) - Band Assitant for several schools (High School & 4 Jr High's)!
  • Multi-tasker: House wife, Library Co-Chair, Primary 2nd Counselor, works Full-time, and more when asked
  • Computer Nerd: Facebook, MyFamily and now the Blog!
  • Crafter: Scrapbooking, Stamping, Crochet, Quilts, Sewing & more when there's time
  • Aunt: Loves kids - and has a blast with them!
  • Wife: Adores her Hubby, and loves being his center of attention!