Friday, May 14, 2010

1 Year Full of Firsts

1 Year ago today, our lives changed! We were blessed to be parents for most of the year to a beautiful baby girl. It was an amazing year of firsts for our family.

First time parents - ever (foster/adopt/birth), 1st time bring a newborn home from the hospital, 1st bath, 1st time being up all night long, 1st book, 1st Primary Song, 1st time watching her smile, 1st shots (mom cried harder than she did), 1st blood drawn (again-Mom hated it), 1st time seeing her roll over, 1st time swimming (which she loves), 1st Parade, 1st Grandma Scott visit, 1st teething, 1st ice cream, 1st babysitter, 1st scooting then crawling, 1st sleeping through the night, 1st hugs/cuddles, 1st baby food, 1st words, 1st lemon (which she loves), 1st Halloween, 1st sickness, 1st Priesthood Blessing, 1st goodbye as she returned to her family, 1st welcome back as she returned to our home (I can only imagine what Heaven must be like), 1st Christmas, 1st kisses, 1st cruising around the furniture, 1st New Years, 1st Family Scripture study (she didn't even tear the pages), 1st tooth, 1st time playing at the park, 1st actual bedtime routine, 1st finger painting & coloring with crayons (yes, she mostly tried to eat it), 1st Easter (early), 1st birthday cake (early), and even 1st steps!

Missing her dearly on her 1st Birthday today. Really wanted to shout it out to the world when she came into our lives

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