Tuesday, May 23, 2017

General Conference - October 2012

The talk given by Elder Dallin H. Oaks still is prominent in my thoughts and heart.

"Protect the Children"

"I speak from the perspective of the gospel of Jesus Christ, including His plan of salvation  Taht is my calling. Local Church leaders have responsibility for a single jurisdiction, like a ward or stake, but an Apostle is responsible to witness to the entire world.  In every nation, of every race and creed, all children are children of God.

Although I do not speak in terms of politics or public policy, like other Church leaders, I cannot speak for the welfare of children without implications for the choices being made by citizens, public officials, and workers in private organizations.  We are all under the Savior's command to love and care for each other and especially for the weak and defenseless.

Children are highly vulnerable.  They have little or no power to protect or provide for themselves and little influence on so much that is vital to their well-being. Children need others to speak for them, and they need decision makers who put their well-being ahead of selfish adult interests."


"We also need politicians, policy makers, and officials to increase their attention to what is best for children in contrast to the selfish interests of voters and vocal advocates of adult interests."


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

General Conference - Spring 2012

Thoroughly enjoyed watching General Conference this past weekend.  So many good talks and such a great Spirit of many Eternal Truths!

Grateful to have a weekend of calm to focus on what the Prophet and others had to say and teach me.  It has been a very difficult 6 + months and will still have more difficult months to go.  I hope to carry the Spirit I felt during conference with me to carry me through the trying times still to come.

I know my Heavenly Father loves each one of us.  There were messages in this Conference for everyone.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nursery project

I was called into our Ward Nursery for children ages 18 months - 3 yrs last year.  Ironically, I started Nursery for the first time, on the exact same day that our "Princess A" would be starting Nursery too.  It was a strange thought that maybe I needed to be in Nursery to see where she would be at in her growing up progress so I might be ready when she came back again.  At least that was my hope, which she did end up coming back off and on this past summer.  That's for another Blog Posting however.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to take over as the Nursery Leader in our Ward.  Our building has been undergoing some cleaning and renovating where the Nursery had been located, along with all of the Nursery toys. We have been going through toys and de-cluttering, as there are way too many that have been collected over the years.  During this process, I've been trying to figure out a way to make the Check-in and Check-out process smoother and easier so we don't have to chase down little ones that get out the door as soon as it opens for the children to start being picked up at the end of the 2 hour block.  I had Google'd and read several ideas on Sugardoodle.net, among other blogs on how to help with this project.

After thought and discussing the idea with the other 2 ladies in Nursery, I have finished a project that I am hoping will help our Nursery run smoothly when it comes to having the children come in at the beginning and when the parents pick up their children at the end.  We have a total of 19 children ranging in ages of 18 months - 3, when they all come it can be busy!

The background is a blue poster board.  I printed off clouds on white paper and the word "NURSERY" in a fun font.  I cut out the clouds and letters, quickly used a glue stick to keep them down just a bit and then I laminated the poster board.  This is what it looks like:

I found pre-cut foam shapes at the dollar store: Suns and Balloons.  They came in a pack of 12 each. I used my black scrapbook pen that is double sized to write on the shapes.  I purposely got Suns for the 3 yr old children that will be moving up to the "Sunbeam" class this next January, in hopes to get them excited and prepare to move up into Primary.  The Balloons are for the children that will remain in Nursery the coming year.  As 2012 comes to an end, I will change over the 3 yr olds from 2012 onto Suns, so that they too will be excited to move to Sunbeams next year.

On the front, I used the 1.2 mm end of my black scrapbook pen to write the Child's first name.  On the backside, I used the 0.5 mm end to write the Parents' First & Last names, along with the child's Birthday.  You could also write any allergies or other quick info on the back too.  I haven't done this yet, but there is room when using the 0.5 mm end of the scrapbooking pen to do so if you want to.

I also traced and cut out several Balloons on color cardstock and laminated them.  The laminated balloons will be available to any Visiting children - we will use a dry-erase marker to put their names and parents' names on them when they visit our Nursery.

I haven't decided exactly how we are going to have them put their Sun or Balloon onto the board.  For now, we are going to try just Tape.  I might try to use Velcro on the Board and the Sun/Balloon shapes - but that would limit where and how many could go on the board itself.  So for now, tape should work!

This is what it looks like with only some of the names on the board:

Then I sent this note to several of our Nursery children's parents to introduce the new process:

This is the NEW way we will have the Nursery kids Check-in and Check-out of Nursery! 

All of them are not pictured right now, but each have their own name - the Sun ones are for the children going into Sunbeams come Jan 2012, the Balloons are for the ones staying in Nursery.

As you bring your child to Nursery, have them put their name up on the Board (your name and their birthday is noted on the backside).  The Nursery workers can help them do this so you don't have to wait.

When you pick up your child from Nursery, you will take their name down and slide it under the Nursery Door. We will get your child ready and send them out the door. Please do not open the door, as we tend to have a few trying to sneak out.

We hope this will help keep things in order - as well as give the Nursery Workers a chance to get to know each of the children's names, along with helping any substitutes.

There are Blank Balloons for Visitors - using a wipe off marker to put name and parents names on them.

*So far, I think we will try just Tape on the Board for now - I might try and use Velcro - but not sure which way will work best, so we will try tape for now.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Pics

This past summer, I got a new camera. My very 1st Digital SLR - Cannon Rebel XSi. I have always had a love of taking pictures and most people that know me, see me behind a camera. Since I don't have kids of my own to brag about and because of privacy I cannot post pics of our 2 foster girls that were in our home, I decided to share random pictures that I have taken instead. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Walked around like a tourist and took pictures of the Cardston Alberta Temple - here are a few shots that I like ... taken the Summer of 2010 ... all rights reserved - please do not copy. Prints are available for purchase however - email me for more information.


Did I mention ... I LOVE my new camera?  I'm still learning all of the amazing functions of this camera and the 2 lenses.  It is so much fun and there are some amazing and beautiful, different angles of the Temple that I have never explored before.  Looking through the viewfinder brings out a whole new world to me!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ups & Downs of trying to "Foster to Adopt"

My blog was started several years ago and I haven't done a lot on it. We started fostering and hoping to adopt an infant through fostering, so life got a bit busy back in May 2009. Lots of changes to our family as a newborn baby girl, "Princess A," came into our home. Because of privacy, we aren't allowed to share very much information, so we didn't get to "brag" about this beautiful Daughter of God that blessed our lives. A few months later, a 7 year old girl came into our care and we fast became parents of 2 girls - ages 0 to 7, it was an adventure to say the least.

After the crash course in parenting, many emotional roller coasters, saying goodbye basically three times to our baby girl and once to our 7 year old girl, we currently have no children in our home once again. We were blessed to be parents for a total of 10 months to our baby girl and 7 months to our 7 yr old girl. It's been almost 1 year now since we last had a child in our home, except for the few "sleepovers" we got to have with our "Princess T."

The one thing that we have learned so far from our foster/adopt experience is that when a child is in your heart, they never leave. It is very possible to love a child as your very own, even if you didn't give birth to them. "Princess A" will always be our baby girl in our hearts. We will also always be "Aunt" and "Uncle" to our "Princess T." We love them both and continue to pray for them and know that Heavenly Father is aware of them. Our home will always be open to them.

I will never forget the day we were reunited with our baby girl, "Princess A," in December 2009. It was a Christmas miracle for our family. I can't wait for the reunions that will take place in Heaven if it is anything like that day of pure joy to have her in our arms and home once again.

I also can imagine more clearly now how our Heavenly Father might feel about sending His children to other "parents" to be raised in this mortality. How difficult it can be to not be able to rush in and help your child through the difficulties they may face. To want to be with them and hold them in your arms, to keep them safe, to have them out there living without you, knowing where they are and not being able to be their "mom" and "dad." To have to pray and hope with all your heart that their "parents" will love them and take care of them as you would. I have a connection with her and don't understand why I feel of her presence when things are going on in her life. Interesting how I got called into Nursery and started the same Sunday that "Princess A" started Nursery as an 18 month old in another Ward, in another place. So many coincidences ... so many promptings. Our prayers are always with both our "Princess A" and "Princess T."

People tell me how strong I am, but I feel so weak and vulnerable. I fall to my knees praying for help to get through the day at times. A few have told me to "move on" and that if I didn't look at the past, I might be able to have another baby girl bless our lives. Well, easier said than done, in all aspects of these comments. We are looking to the future - We continue to take the Parenting and Foster classes that are offered - We are still an Open Foster/Adopt home - there just have not been any placements for us. Maybe kids are actually being taken care of the way they should be?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Planning a 20 Year Class Reunion

During my 10 Year Class Reunion back in 2001, I was asked by our Class Secretary if I would take on the job of planning our next reunion ... I said "yes" without really thinking.

So, here I am, 2011, trying to get things planned for a Class of about 400! I started back in 2008 by adding a group on Facebook to try and start finding all of our classmates. I stayed up late several nights looking up people on Facebook to add them as my "friend" so I could get the word out about our High School Reunion and our Facebook Group "Provo High School 1991 Alumni." Since then, I have managed to find almost 180 people - I LOVE Social Media - sure makes planning a 20 Year Reunion easier! My friend, Kevin Merrell, came on board to help me further this year. The 2 of us now are Co-Chairs and getting ready to start up our Sub-Planning Committees.

So many plans and so many thoughts that I hope will be realized to have an amazing 20 Year Provo High School Class of 1991 Reunion!
One requirement, having the Reunion in Provo - check! The date: Saturday, 30 July 2011 - check! Place to hold Reunion - wish we could do the High School, but because of the class our size, probably not going to happen for a sit down dinner, 2nd location I really wanted was the Restored Brigham Young Academy that is now the Provo Library at Academy Square, but it is booked for our date - so now securing an alternate. Type up the list of all classmates to add to our Blog - Check! Scan all classmates pictures out of our Yearbook - Check! Add onto our Blog about Provo High Couples - Check! Get Yearbook Pictures onto our Blog - almost done - Check!

Future Plans: get Sub-Planning Committees going & reporting back to me or Kevin, Get our Class Picture from the High School, Get a park booked for the Family Pic-Nic, Find Memorabilia from 1991, Find out about and Honor those that are Deceased, Plan time off work and the trip to Utah booked, Find more classmates - still missing about 1/2, and just get details going and done!

It is a fun project to be over - it's also making me put all my High School insecurities aside and really get out there! Besides - the control freak in me is Loving this adventure!

Ways to connect to the Provo High School 1991 Alumni info:
Facebook Group: Provo High School 1991 Alumni

Friday, May 14, 2010

1 Year Full of Firsts

1 Year ago today, our lives changed! We were blessed to be parents for most of the year to a beautiful baby girl. It was an amazing year of firsts for our family.

First time parents - ever (foster/adopt/birth), 1st time bring a newborn home from the hospital, 1st bath, 1st time being up all night long, 1st book, 1st Primary Song, 1st time watching her smile, 1st shots (mom cried harder than she did), 1st blood drawn (again-Mom hated it), 1st time seeing her roll over, 1st time swimming (which she loves), 1st Parade, 1st Grandma Scott visit, 1st teething, 1st ice cream, 1st babysitter, 1st scooting then crawling, 1st sleeping through the night, 1st hugs/cuddles, 1st baby food, 1st words, 1st lemon (which she loves), 1st Halloween, 1st sickness, 1st Priesthood Blessing, 1st goodbye as she returned to her family, 1st welcome back as she returned to our home (I can only imagine what Heaven must be like), 1st Christmas, 1st kisses, 1st cruising around the furniture, 1st New Years, 1st Family Scripture study (she didn't even tear the pages), 1st tooth, 1st time playing at the park, 1st actual bedtime routine, 1st finger painting & coloring with crayons (yes, she mostly tried to eat it), 1st Easter (early), 1st birthday cake (early), and even 1st steps!

Missing her dearly on her 1st Birthday today. Really wanted to shout it out to the world when she came into our lives