Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Adventure

The Queen is now officially a Librarian/Library Manager! I am really Queen of my own domain now - well, sort of, except for the Library Board - I am! I can put things where I want them and not argue with the King as to "why" I want to have something in a particular cupboard/place. Funny thing - we are re-modeling our kitchen and it's great! The hard part is just like when we move into a new place, the discussion starts as to what gets placed where. You see, this King likes to cook - and so does the Queen. And both are stubborn and have a different way of working in the kitchen. Before, it just got left to the King, because the kitchen was too small for both the King and Queen to be in it at the same time, so the Queen put up her hands and let the King do it all, mostly. Now - a nice, open and updated kitchen - the Queen really wants to take charge of the kitchen - isn't that the domain of the Queen anyway? So, the Queen is resorting to ignoring the kitchen and settling into the Library instead.